Who are we #Legends Stylist?

Hashtag Legends Stylist was created by Yayou and brings together within its agency the most influential stylists, artistic directors and trend consultants from France to Toronto to offer you fashion.

First of all, they are stylists with degrees from major fashion and fine arts schools. (All our stylists are carefully selected with regard to the quality of their styling, but also their conception of beauty and aesthetics) it is a philosophy of life focused on respect and sharing, meeting and collaboration with brand creators, creative stimulation.

It is your stylists who listen to you and discuss with you before quickly highlighting your silhouette. It is also and above all the little voice that we try to hear when we look in the mirror with an article of clothing that we are wearing for the very first time. In their daily whirlwind of projects, they produce advertising campaigns, video clips, editorials in fashion and music magazines.


Hashtag Legends Stylist offers a complete theoretical and practical masterclass allowing you to acquire the fundamentals of media styling and to benefit from concrete experience in the field supervised by professionals in the field.

“Above all, a stylist who has flair and an eagle eye. »


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