Wardrobe - Tv

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Wardrobe - Tv

Dressing on TV set, alongside journalists and speaking during filming

Every detail counts when it comes to our dressing.

Check a tie knot, readjust a shirt collar, do a last-minute hem in record time, or ensure a quick change during a live commercial break. Efficient, discreet, orderly, the dresser accompanies the personalities throughout the filming, on the set and in the dressing room. 4,500 hours of dressing time across all channels on average each year.

It all starts with understanding your needs. This phase is fundamental to evaluate your media context and respond in a relevant manner to your issues.

During the study phase,
we explore several avenues before presenting our moodboard to you. Your feedback allows us to refine our proposal and define with you an illustrated charter which guarantees the channel the coherence of its image and allows the autonomy of journalists and TV presenters.

From the validated charter, we select the pieces best suited to the sartorial affinities of personalities, as well as the requirements of productions and channels. Our address book opens the doors to more than 800 brands, which allows us to offer very specialized purchases.

Fittings represent a key moment in the media styling process. Our stylists are used to working in the privacy of changing rooms
and intervene effectively, with discretion and professionalism.

On the sets our stylists ensure logistics, dressing, alterations and ironing in consultation
with the production and direction teams.

Whether recording or live, our stylists manage the styling of personalities with agility and vigilance.

Price: 1100$

Duration: 10 hours