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At Hashtag Legends Stylist, every fashion magazine, artist, influencer, public figure, label and producer needs a loyal and strong stylist partner to position themselves sustainably in their sector.
We take care of a large number of aspects that go beyond
the styling service and which make your life easier! On your productions, shoots and shoots, we manage the styling teams
and management of fashion partnerships. The administrative monitoring of the wardrobe, social media, legal and logistics of each project is an integral part.
of our services.
By supporting talents in their careers, we give them the right keys to building lasting success together.


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This is the service par excellence for having the best fashion artistic direction, tailor-made support.

Are you a personality? we activate our network to be present in the most fashionable fashion events

Do you need audiovisual press photography? you need an audiovisual style for your artists.

Are you a producer, music productions? and you need style for your video clips.

You are a television channel, independent journalist and need style for your visit

How it works -

Personalized support
in your fashion adventure.

SELECT the service you need.

For one or more outfits, to show off yourself or for a complete wardrobe, our personal stylists will help you find the style that suits you.

BOOK according to your availability.

Tell us where, when, pay securely online and enjoy your personalized style.

ENJOY advice from a fashion pro.

During a shopping trip or on the TV recording set, let yourself be guided by the expertise and wise advice of your personal stylist.


What is
Hashtag Legends Stylist?

Hashtag Legends Stylist brings together within its agency the most influential stylists, artistic directors and trend consultants from France, Toronto and Montreal to offer you fashion.

Hashtag Legends Stylist offers you the best services for your audiovisual image projects on the market.

He advises you and identifies the clothes suitable for your special occasion, he helps you and invites you to enter exceptional showrooms and boutiques. He is the one who listens to you and discusses with you before highlighting your figure in no time.

It is also and above all the little voice that we seek to hear when we look in the mirror with an article of clothing that we are wearing for the very first time..


Most asked questions

An image coach is a stylist, a fashion professional who will help you find and define the clothing style that suits you best.

Its objective is to analyze your silhouette in order to highlight it, while respecting your personality and your morphology and the expectations of a director, photographer. It will also adapt to your needs and your budget

Our fashion stylists are carefully recruited professionals. Doing press shopping and discovering the pieces in the showroom with them is an opportunity for you to discover new items, new outfits, or even a new clothing style thanks to the analysis of your stylist.

All of our personal stylists have had to go through our rigorous recruitment process. They are all fashion professionals whom we selected after a telephone and physical interview.

Most have a diploma from a fashion school or an “image consultant” certification. We also pay attention to their previous work experience in the fashion industry.

Read their profile and rely on their overall rating. In all cases, our recruitment process guarantees the quality of our stylists.

They are qualified professionals who will be able to provide you with the best possible fashion advice. Our stylists are all able to adapt to your budget: they will offer you outfits that suit it.


Simply contact us by email at:

You can reschedule your appointment with your stylist as long as the cancellation is made at least 8 hours before the original appointment time. Between 8 a.m. and 2 hours before, you will be charged the sum of 20$, and less than 2 hours or during the appointment, you will be charged the sum of 30$

Our personal stylists are available Monday to Sunday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. This generally corresponds to the opening hours of press offices. but if there is an emergency we always have a wardrobe ready

However, arrangements are possible with your personal stylist. Do not hesitate to let him know of any special requests when making your reservation.

Your personal information is very useful to the AV stylist you choose.

They will allow him to contact you to set the date, time and final location of your meeting, and to get to know you in advance!

Après votre réservation, votre demande est envoyée au styliste que vous avez choisi. Vous recevrez un email pour prendre votre rendez-vous.

Il vous appellera également pour fixer définitivement la date, l’heure et le lieu du rendez-vous, et faire connaissance au préalable !

Do not panic ! The location announced when you made your reservation on the website is set by default.

You will decide on the final location during your telephone interview with your personal stylist.

The amount of the service will be debited at the time of booking but you can always cancel 24 hours before your appointment. We will refund you without any fees.

NoThe Hashtag Legends Stylist platform allows you to cancel your reservation with your personal stylist up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.