It is the service par excellence for artists, theater productions and directors. Clothing is a non-verbal communication and marketing tool that should facilitate in the same way as words or voice. It is better to think of it as a fun element of communication rather than something heavy.

The first function of your look on your visual media allows you to promote and sell

The main mission of the music video stylist is to dress and prepare the personality to enter the stage or film set with the necessary looks and accessories.

The service concerns both live performance (theater, opera, dance, cabaret) and recorded performance (cinema, TV).

Conseil en Image pour évènement

She intervenes behind the scenes for an express change of accessories or emergency looks.

Our stylist repeats this operation as many times as the character must change costume and look throughout the shoot. Little by little, she arranges the looks on racks for better visibility.

During the same show or video shoot, the stylist often takes care of several actors and personalities.

If a show goes on tour, your hashtag Legends stylist will take care of transporting the costumes.

The tasks of the music video stylist can be a little different depending on the type of show: film studios, operas.

Price 1400$