Audiovisual styling - Photo

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We often work with a budget defined by the record company, agency or others, which involves us providing you with clothing and accessories that correspond to the financial needs of the image project. The photo stylist chooses the clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories that will be worn by you during the photo session.

Hashtag Hashtag Legends Stylist assembles your outfits and creates looks based on the photo shoot, the photographer’s style and your needs, we have the ability to integrate our projects in a very creative way. We work closely with (HMC) to ensure visual consistency and achieve the creative vision.

En plus des vêtements, le styliste photo peut également être responsable de la sélection et de la préparation des objets et des décors utilisés dans la photographie.

Hashtag Legends Stylist ensures outfits fit models correctly and makes last minute adjustments if necessary.

These missions aim to create an attractive and coherent image meeting the objectives of record companies/music labels etc. Whether for an advertising campaign, a fashion editorial, a product catalog or other photographic projects.

Price : 1,830$

Duration : 10 hours